In 2002 I started to translate tango literature from Spanish to Swedish. The first was Sonia Abadi´s book El bazar de los abrazos, published in 2003 with the title Milongan – omfamningarnas basar. Two years later Graciela H. López’s book Secretos de una milonguera was published as En tangodanserskas hemligheter. In 2009 my first own tango book, Tango i Buenos Aires – koder och passion came out. The English translation of the book made by myself in collaboration with the writer Linda Dyett in New York, was published by ABRAZOS in March 2011, with the title Tango Passion and the Rules of the Game.

In April 2013 my book was published in Spanish: Tango pasión. Las reglas del juego. The translation was made from the English version by Margarita Guerra, Montevideo, Uruguay and published by Ediciones Lumiere in Buenos Aires.

In November 2016 a second edition of the Spanish version was published by the editor Corregidor in Buenos Aires.


I started to organize workshops in the History of the Tango Dance with Rubén Terbalca from Buenos Aires in 2003. I continued the collaboration with him for a number of years. Together we gave workshops in canyengue, tango milonguero and milonga in different towns in the south of Sweden. Later I organized workshops in Simrishamn with Armando Orzuza, Nuria Martinéz, Carina Mele, Carlos Costes, Eduardo Teves, Cristina Ramirez,Tommy Persson, Gunner Svendsen, Chan Park, Julieta Qüesta, Rauli Choque.


Since 2017 I give workshops together with Marcelo Paredes in different tango styles to different tango music – A. Old traditional, canyenguestyle tango, B. Fast, rythmic tango music and C. Slow, romantic tango music. The workshop can be combined with oral and written information about the orchestras respresenting the three categories of tango music.


I was asked to start tango courses in Simrishamn in 2003. I started with the two first groups in September 2003. I continued to give courses together with teaching partners from Copenhagen, Malmö, Bjärred and Simrishamn. The courses were held in and around Simrishamn nine weeks in January – March and nine weeks in September – October each year 2003 – 2016.


Practicas, mainly for the tango students, were organized in and around Simrishamn.


During the years 2003-2016 a milonga with buffet and live music was organized five times a year in the Simrishamn area, open to the public.


I give private lessons in tango, alone or together with a teaching partner.


Together with a teaching partner I give instruction in the basic tango steps to groups with no previous experience, in connection with parties et cetera.


The most exciting and challenging teaching experience that I have had up to now was teaching the basics of tango and milonga to a group of young Kenyans in the Maasai area at Kilimanjaro, in 2006. In spite of no previous knowledge of the music nor the dance several of them learnt in a few hours both to lead and to follow the basic steps, to the rhythm of the music. The young people who participated, worked in the help projects of ChildFund International, where I for more than ten years had sponsored a child, Neemayian. In 2006 she had become old enough to leave the project and it was my last chance to visit her, something she has asked me to do during the years. She was one of the participants who learnt both to follow and to lead.

On the Sunday afternoon a group of 13-14 years old school children was going to learn the basic steps of tango. There was no electricity at the school, which was in the middle of the savanna, and a generator had been brought. The children learnt the steps separately but were too shy to dance with each other. However, the spectators of all ages joined in, dancing in a circle to the rhythms of tango and milonga. A wonderful experience.


I give lectures about the history of tango and also about tango in Buenos Aires.


Exhibitions can be arranged.