I started the private firm TangoMar in 2003. All activities are connected to Argentine tango: teaching, lectures, exhibitions, translation, writing and sales of tango literature. A great deal of the activities have been taking place in and around the small town of Simrishamn by the Baltic Sea in the very south of Sweden. During the years 2003-2016 I gave nine-week courses twice a year together with tango instructors from Copenhagen, Malmö and Simrishamn. I also organized weekly practicas, milongas with live music and workshops. Since 2017 I have limited my tango activities to giving workshops,private lessons and lectures. I continue to dance several days a week.

Tango Books

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I started writing about tango in 2002. First I translated two books from Spanish to Swedish:

Milongan – omfamningarnas basar, by Sonia Abadi. (Original title: El bazar de los abrazos.) It was published by CKM Media AB in Stockholm, 2003.

En tangodanserskas hemligheter, by Graciela H. López. (Original title: Secretos de una milonguera). Published by Förlags ab Gondolin, Eslöv,  in 2005.

In 2009 my own book, Tango i Buenos Aires – koder och passion, was published by Instant Book, Stockholm.

The English translation of my book, Tango Passion and the Rules of the Game, was published by Abrazos, Stuttgart, in 2011 (www.abrazosbooks.com).  My translation was edited by Linda Dyett, New York, USA.

In April 2013 the book was published in Spanish by Ediciones Lumiere in Buenos Aires with the title Tango pasión. Las reglas del juego. The translation was made by Margarita Guerra, Montevideo, Uruguay.

A second edition of the Spanish version was published in November 2016 by the editor Corregidor in Buenos Aires

All the books can be ordered through margaretawestergard@msn.com